"I chose to be an Artist in order to express my take on society through filmmaking, valuing the opportunities for audiences to observe their surrounding world from fresh, interpersonal perspectives. I’ve also always been fascinated with the artform of physical movement and its ability to communicate stories through unspoken performance. These elements takes the viewer's imagination into uncharted worlds while challenging the performer to be a great physical actor. The camera’s specificity and focus prepares every part of the performer’s body and soul for a thrilling and inspiring experience. Even the simplest gestures are meaningful. I have been a professional Dance Artist for the last 15 years of my career and discovering film has opened myself up to new artistic possibilities. My new craft has now enabled me to enhance the artist’s performance through the use of the camera."

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    Hazel plants an unusual seed and finds its mysterious connection to a young boy.


    The Ivory Seed ran semi-finalist at the Austin Arthouse Film Festival 2019, and screened at the Los Angeles International Children's Film Festival 2020 and Shot by Shot Film Festival 2020.

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    Deirdra is drowning in her tears.


    Yelena dances as Deirdra.

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    In a modern, overly-trinketed living room, a child tinkers with her various excessive collections. The space is repositioning around her, sculpted by a task-consumed group of masked personas, intersecting each other’s pathways in perfect, non-colliding harmony. Several realities are existing in conjunction. The child is left to question which of these realities will ultimately serve her.


    Bloom had won the Community Initiatives Impact Award from The City of Austin and won best experimental film at Transform Film Festival 2019, screened at Emergence: A Collection of Films in 2018, semi-finalist Arthouse Film Festival 2018, San Souci Festival of Dance Cinema 2019, ADF's Movies by Movers 2019, Shot by Shot Film Festival 2019, Austin Film Project 2019, and The Seam Project 2019.

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    In the beginning, Emma finds herself in a middle of a one-sided conversation with her lover. She does not speak but is spoken to. While she may have been in this situation several times before she does not like it and has had enough. Her Ego provides her the strength to leave her circumstances. Unsettled with herself she figures it is necessary for her to reevaluate her situation alone in a peaceful setting.


    Yelena's very first film, Solace Is. Solace Is screened at the Austin Short Film Festival 2016, NYC Independent Film Festival 2017, and DDCF Dance Film Festival 2017.

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    Just for fun! Enjoy!

    "the great race of the turtle and the hare"

    La La Tyler Entertainment with LVnTheLife presents "The Great Race of the Turtle and the Hare" performed April 17, 2022 at Bergfeld Park, Tyler, Texas.


    Yelena was Director and played "The Hare"

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    LVnTheLife's IGTV Show "LView"

    Yelena is Director and host for "LView", providing Social Media Exposure to local and disabled artists of Texas!


    Sky Candy in Austin, TX


    Ballet Austin's "The Nutcracker" in Austin, TX.


    Although recently retired from professionally dancing full-time Yelena is still a great enthusiast for dance, as her first and foremost love of the Arts. Yelena creates films, music videos, staged productions, and choreographs.... and yes, sometimes she will dance for you!


    Yelena began her career at The Illinois Ballet, followed by Charleston Ballet Theatre, Thel Dance Theatre as Company Manager, and a free- lance Artist. Yelena has worked on various productions from Ballet, commercial, musical theatre, music videos, and Modern Dance. Now she is a filmmaker, videographer, and directs and hosts ongoing IGTV show interviewing Artists of Texas on @lvnthelife.


    She has also hosted and managed large events up to 200 people in Emergence: A Collection of Films, B*Tru Arts Family Days at the Umlauf Sculpture Garden, and Solace Is debut screening at Balance Dance Studios.


    Currently she directs staged local productions and is Director of LVnTheLife's "LView" an IGTV show interviewing Texas multidisciplinary and disabled Artists of Texas. www.lvnthelife.com

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    Yelena began her career at The Illinois Ballet, followed by Charleston Ballet Theatre, Thel Dance Theatre as Company Manager, and a free- lance artist. She has been teaching for 13 years and dancing over 20 years. In addition, she has worked with Sally Bliss of Tudor Foundation, Amanda McKerrow, Andrei Bossov, Grace Holmes, Meg Brooker, Lori Belilove, and Dawn Karlovsky. She can be found at the Library of Congress in preserving works of Isadora Duncan. She is also certified in Vaganova Ballet Technique on scholarship by Ballet Master John White, RAD syllabus by Lynn Wallis, and Lester Horton technique under Ana Marie Forsythe. She loves dance and its valuable lessons for life and the opportunity to be creative!


    "We feel so fortunate that Astra was able to continue her Horton practice with you. All of your time and efforts with her are so appreciated. I'm not only referring to the dance technique aspect of your classes with her, but also the comrardery and insight that dance is more than steps and movement. And, that you believed in her and combated the negativity she received from her school dance instructors. I know that she has grown as a dancer and a person because of her time with you. She will most certainly miss her Horton classes and conversations with you!" - Mother of private student Astra Elliot

    "I highly recommended Yelena’s dance instruction. My daughter’s ballet improved rapidly and drastically once she started taking lessons from Yelena. Yelena has many years of experience both as a dancer and a teacher and she is great at analyzing the weaknesses in a dancer’s technique and knowing exactly what the dancer needs to do to improve. Plus Lena is never harsh or critical, she is able to achieve fantastic results with kindness and smiles. Yelena designs beautiful choreography, and her creative side doesn’t detract from the fact that she is highly organized, always reliable, and very professional." - Joyce Spears, Mother of private student
    "I have had several experiences with Yelena and they have all been positive. Yelena has subbed my adult ballet class. She has an easy-flowing yet demanding style and a great knowledge of classical ballet technique. My daughter has taken classes with her in ballet, modern, and character during her dance intensives at Ballet Arts of Austin. She loves taking her classes and has learned a lot. When my daughter decided she wanted to perform Marie Taglioni’s variation from Pas de Quatre, we asked Yelena to work with her in private session. Yelena was amazing. She started off with teaching the steps and polishing the technique. Then she explained who Marie Taglioni was and the style of dance in her era. My daughter had a beautiful performance. I highly recommend Yelena for private coaching for student who are learning variations for competitions or performances." - Sarah Thomas, Mother of Private Student ​
    "You have made a huge positive impact on my daughters dancing ability. She has gained skill and confidence in all areas of dance because of what you are teaching her! She has learned more with you in a year than she had in 7 years of dance classes." - Sharon Rutman, Mother of private student

    "Ms. Yelena has a magical combination of sweetness and firmness. Over the last three-years, I’ve seen tremendous improvement in not only Marian’s ballet technique but also in the overall way that Marian carries herself. I believe Ms. Yelena’s instruction has formed the foundation for Marian’s improvements in other areas of dance, especially Jazz. Ms. Yelena’s constructive criticisms and critiques have helped both my daughters, Marian and Emmalee, celebrate their strengths and focus on their areas of growth. In Marian’s own words, 'Ms. Yelena has a cheerful personality, yet is firm so we learn and practice lots of skills and techniques. She explains things well and provides good feedback on the big and the finer points of movement and technique. She always answers your questions. I like her fun combinations and the fact that she provides room for creative expression.' And Emmalee adds, 'She’s kind and helpful. She has a soft voice and doesn’t yell at us. She makes up dances that are fun! She’s a wonderful ballet teacher because she’s my ballet teacher.' ” - Nikki Stahl, Mother of students Marian (age 12) and Emmalee (age 8)
    "After six years of not dancing I decided to take a modern class from Lena and I'm so happy I did. She is an amazing teacher, dancer, and choreographer. Dancers of all levels and ages would benefit greatly from her expertise. I personally loved her musicality and how she added a fluidity to my movement without sacrificing sharpness. I'm so sad I had to move from Austin and can't continue to work with her!" - Brittany Zelikoff, Adult student
    "Lena has choreographed for three of my company's productions. In each case, she worked with a mix of professional dancers, experienced amateurs, and beginners. She is able to calibrate the difficulty level perfectly for each type of dancer, and she targets her instruction carefully to each person. And everyone - from dancers to musicians - loves working with her!" - John Cecil, Director of Texas Comedies